Backpack/Weapon logo

When you equip a backpack/weapon, the backpack/weapon logo will appear on your wrist where the health and the hunger bar is, that means if you have one on your back or not, and you don’t have to keep grabbing on your back when you are checking if you have one or not

Seems like an unnecessary amount on the wrist at that point, especially when you can just reach back and feel the vibration or look.


How can you lose track of your backpack? You either have it or don’t.


one day, you will know if you have something on your back or not, by your walking speed.
they are considering many in depth features in the future, it only matters the time.


yeah but some people can forget they didn’t have their backpack on, thinking they have it on but when it’s not. On me I did not know what am holding in my back and I put my backpack on my back but accidentally left my backpack when I have something on my back. I hope you understand what i’m trying to say to you

Like the others have said, you can just reach back and feel or see it. There is no point to having extra on your wrist at this time.

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I kind of understand where this is coming from since I’ve failed to dock my backback before and it would sit on the ground behind me. I’ve even walked away from it a few times before realizing and having to run back.

What it really needs is easier backpack docking so you can feel confident it always snapped into place.

That is a good idea Richarmeleon

Also there is a sound effect when backpack docked, you won’t hear it if your bag dropped from your hand.
And another thing I really think they should add is the sound effects when items dropped on the floor, and colliding ground and walls everything in map in general. You don’t know how many times a day in this world, people’s wallets or keys are saved from hearing them dropping on the floor.


i was gonna say, thats kinda unimersive tho right, but then i got to thinking, so having health on your wrist, but then im like, but i guess the character would be able to just feel if theyre like, full heath/dying right but us as players cant, like how the character would be able to feel a bag on theyre bacl but us as players cant. so idfk

I thought this was going to be about players being able to brand bags and etch weapons. That would be cool. I don’t think having a wrist indicator is super necessary. It’s pretty rare that I lose track of my backpack. If not knowing your backpack is on is a common issue, I wonder if they could implement something where you can auto-snap your backpack back on when you’re done looking at it? But then that does present a whole host of other challenges, so I don’t think I like that much.


The feed back from docking the backpack should be enough, and if it isn’t we just need more gosh darn feedback.

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