Backpacker job

Everyone wants a larger backpack, but that makes collecting materials too simple for this game. Make a job where a person gains a large backpack 5×5 grid or 6x6, but are only allowed to carry the materials.

Core concept
As the backpacker, a group of adventurers are trusting this job to grab all salvageable items and evenly split up the bounty once topside. At the expense of such a large bag, the job can not fight, mine, dig, etc. This job would be great for teams looking to explore the deepest depths of the mine and be able to bring back a good haul for the benefit of the town.

Personal twist
As the backpacker, only that player can go through the inventory in their bag as it has become a part of them and their organizational skills. If killed, all items are lost so they are essential in being protected or a big loss of the collected items would occur to everyone in the party. A backpacker could then gain a reputation for looting in mines. Positive for being able to survive without fighting and properly splitting the spoils or negatively by ripping off groups by not evenly dividing the loot.

This could also be tacked on to expand the janitor role. It is hard to clean up and organize a town with limited space.

Would love to hear feedback with this idea. I hope I didn’t repeat someone elses idea but didnt come across it when scanning through.

I’ve suggested something somewhat similar, either some kind of bigger backpack that slows you down in combat or side packs that take up the hip slots in exchange for more space that is slower to access.

I like the idea, but if you’re talking about a class for it I’m not sure there are enough potential skills for it to make sense as a class instead of something a type of backpack with restrictions.

5x5 would probably the absolute most, since that is already more than 2.5 times the size of a normal backpack, idk maybe it makes sense for bigger if you can’t do anything else.

Also I think it would be better to have a more natural barrier instead of completely stopping fighting and mining, just severely reduce the damage done to ore and mob.

Lastly having it so the items in the backpack completely delete doesn’t make much sense (though I understand the backpack would follow in death if it was part of a class thing), if the items scatter on death then the players in the party would already have a hard enough time salvaging it since they wouldn’t have close to enough space to pick it all up.

You make some really strong points. The 5x5 backpack would probably be enough unless there becomes way more to collect, then you would want something for insane dives (thinking of going in mines where you are trying to go incredible depths). I like the idea of slowing down movement as well but I think trading off on either being able to attack, mine, etc. with slow movement, or normal movement without the ability to attack, mine, etc. could be a choice by the player.

It would be hard for a group to go through all the items and try and distribute, but it also helps to change the dynamic and have a character you are protecting while in combat. Almost like an escort mission with the payoff being able to collect a lot more on dungeon dives.

As for skills, I thought about this being tacked onto the janitor job (no skills for that) that could be elaborated on. There could be a specific skill for janitors to dispose of unnecessary materials (such as bones and waste). You could also have this job be a complete support role and allow only this class to repair weapons (potentially armor in the future) when diving. You could allow an ability to run next to characters and have it immediately restock arrows for teammates. Allow them to do the same for fuel for lanterns and anything that needs to be up kept in a dive. I think there is a lot of potential if you think of this as a full on support class than anything that could stand on its own.

Could be a mix of both, I think it would be a mistake to let them just do the slow down since archers already don’t need the fastest movements to be effective and we’ll have mages later on.

Though it should be noted if we do have it so that it’s a class then part of the penalty to combat and mining would be less skills you could have in it the more you have backpacker skills.

Oh yeah I understand, just best to stay away from just deleting items and like I said if the items are spilled all on the ground the team mates can’t grab it all anyway, but it would be good to allow them to save some of the most important stuff.

Also with the idea of using this skill in dungeons brings up the point that loot there won’t all be resources so I’m not sure about that limit for the class.

Yeah maybe as a subsection of the skill tree, but not everyone that would like this class would want to be a janny.

Also bones only partly have this problem because they don’t have a use yet, later on they will be usable for fertilizer.

That would be taking from the blacksmith class, wouldn’t make sense for blacksmiths not to be able to do that, but it would be good if this class can bring around stuff like a mini anvil for a blacksmith in the group to do repairs or if there aren’t any they could do some armature repairs.

Oh yeah this could work well, also if the class is slower than normal (and not just in combat) there could be some kind of skill that lets them keep up or quickly return to a team mate, so they are more reliant on them and they won’t slow down the whole party.

Also Hauler might be a better name.

I 100% agree Hauler is a way better name. I couldn’t get my brain off of saying backpacker.

I always forget the limiting of skills. I love that aspect of the game because it gives each player choice to really stand out in their field. Not having mining or attack skills will definitely be a detriment in those situations as a Hauler.

I am coming around more to the not losing everything entirely. I can definitely see the advantage to allowing players to pick up important items, but I can also see a situation where a group would allow this player to die to collect some of the rare loot for themselves (that the Hauler would intend to keep or even if the Hauler has good gear) and not have to divvy it out to this character. Also as a supporting class, they would have little chance to defend themselves well in a PVP situation or escape. That’s more on a darker side to this role, but something I am sure will happen a few times

I did not know the future of the bones and was just throwing that out as an idea. I think fertilizer will be a very good component.

I do like the idea of being able to quickly return to a teammate as a skill. I kind of think of like a tethering system where they can be quickly brought to a single player that they designate. If they could go to all the teammates, I see a problem that they would end up just flying around all over when people split up or to avoid situations and that would be ridiculously overpowered for avoid trouble.

Thank you for taking the time to help flesh this role out more and give me some insight into practical applications. It is definitely getting some creativity flowing for me. Have a great day.

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