Baking In The Future

Baking such things as bread as a start, for making sandwiches or just as a standard source of food. Maybe further down the line or with the addition bread we can make muffins or cakes, maybe just pastries in general.

I would really love to see more advanced food options and dedicated food building like the smelter or carpentry. maybe give the tavern more function :smiley:


Yes, you are correct. We need to make all the food.

I am a culinary student this is my calling.


I am a child who just decided to make soup one day.

I have faith that you will become the soup master.

It would be great to both, make non-stackables (or a low stack once we get limited stacks) that give buffs, but don’t need a container to hold it like soup, and some stackable food that take more effort to make, but are better than nuggets.

Might edit this to make it more in depth, make it more about food and not just baking.

here’s how i’m imagining this - making the dough (hopefully we have farming) then using that in a pie pan, put apples or w/e in it then you have the raw pie anndd place it into an oven! bam!! O . O


If I remember correctly you still need some filling besides the fruit, but basically yeah.

I think the best thing would be an old style brick pizza oven, it would look awesome in the tavern.

It would look a little something like this but the brick pattern would be changed to suit the style of ATT as well as the chimney extending through the roof. But it would keep the same general layout of, wood bottom, food top.


First thing I think of when I see that is someone stuffing as many unbaked pies in the top as humanly possible, chucking a few more in and sticking stakes in the front so that they don’t start pouring out.

maybe it would be snap thing, where it has a sort of “slot” kind of like how your hand snaps to the scanner when using lockboxes or shrines, therefore it can only hold 1, maybe a few pies (or any other baked good) if there are multiple racks (which I think there should be)

Ehh, I’m against the snapping when it doesn’t make too much sense, like how the brick oven would have a pie farther back or a bit closer, but the hand on a scanner wouldn’t have that freedom in the first place.

Fair enough, I guess part of the charm of cooking is to be able to shove tons of things in a small, enclosed space and cook them.

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I am actually writing a bigger post about cooking. Instead of a giant oven like you posted I wa thinking something alittle smaller. If I knew how to post pictures I show you.

This is the least complicated method, since it would be the smallest gif file. Don’t worry, it works with images too.


Not sure how much I like that igloo style, but yeah that’s pretty nice

Hmm, might encourage players to use two wedges and fill that with pies, while the other one insures that the bottom will only be fuel, but either would work.