Balance Issues

This games skills system is way out of balance. It takes way longer to level up a skill than it does to do everything required by the skill. For example, it takes way longer to level up woodcutting than it does to cut down enough wood to unlock or build everything that requires wood. The combat skills are pointless because you can get the best alloy so quickly that a Valyan weapon kills enemies so fast you don’t need skills. Not to mention there needs to be way more enemies variety and placement. The combat is lacking. I love this game but me and 3 friends play only 2 hours a day and ran through the base game content in 5 days and never enjoyed the combat. Either it’s so hard you have no choice but to run, or it’s way too easy, depends on the weapon you have, not skills or strategy. I really love this game and look forward to the games future. I’m by no means talking down about the devs, just discussing ideas. If POP One can handle the lobby sizes and map size it has while all the shooting is going on, I know this game can. I have faith in Team ATT