Bard Profession

A) Healing class
B) Adds music to the game, but maintaining realism

Core concept
Music designed to be natural: battle-buff songs (strength+resistance) sound rigorous, so you’re naturally creating battle music. Post-battle healing-buff songs sound victorious. More relaxed songs aid in professions (smithing, carpentry) so provide the village / woods game music.

  • Craft various instruments, each has main buff. Eg:
  • Wood + copper + grass => Lute (Resistence)
  • Wood + copper + grass => Harp (Regen)
  • 3x Copper => Horn (Strength)

Book with recipes: how to use an instrument for different effects (say a lute has 3-4 strum spots, a recipe is a sequence you have to nail to apply the buff). Buff has AOE equal to hearing distance.

Of course Alta’d have to design the music, and somehow allow songs to be stitched together with multiple players/instruments.

Personal twist (optional)
Fun skill-ups: nail 3 chords and everyone becomes invincible for 5 seconds. Charge your hand and slam it, electric guitar riff that creates a burst of light (quick visibility in mine battles). Take inspiration from Brutal Legend.

If you’re combining multiple bards’ tunes at once, go the way Sea of Thieves did and have each additional instrument add another layer to the same tune :slight_smile:


I like the idea of having music provide a boost, it makes more sense than it sounds because moral actually has a very serious effect on performance whether it be battle or carpentry

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I’m not the biggest fan of putting in something like this when we are already getting magic, but I think @Zebulaun is right on the moral part.

I more like the passive abilities that work in groups and such, like the smithing/crafting boost. It would be cool for a hunger decrease too (in the realm of people will entertain themselves with food if they aren’t entertained by music.)

What I don’t so much like is when the music becomes a replacement for magic in the way of buffs, though it might be cool if instuments could use casting to imbue them with a spell that lasts way longer and has a way bigger aoe than it would with a staff.

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Simple then … no buffs or debuffs for mages. Bards get them instead by way of AoE support music. It’s perfectly normal for fantasy games to have a variety of types of magic users so why not have Bard be a “technically” magical class of it’s own, with abilities that mages don’t get.


Not sure about that… It seems like buffs and debuffs should go to alchemy if anything, considering they already do.

That’s a fair point… …or is it? (<-- cheeky edit)

Then you force players to choose between a support mage that heals or gives buffs, it really cuts into how a player can choose what kind of mage they are if they need to swap tools for different spells.

That doesn’t follow so much, sure potions should be able to give buffs and debuffs, but they also do almost straight up healing (regen).
Potions are more for long lasting and powerful effects with just a chug, but they cost resources and time to make.

Personally from what I have seen in games is:
Enchantment: have permanent effects, but cost and are tied to the equipment.
Potions: (like I said) quick to use, powerful and long lasting (in the cases of buffs) but you need to take the time to make them or buy them
Spells: No resource cost and more powerful the more skilled the player (if the game has skill in casting or just tied by level) but is limited by amount of mana, takes long unless prepared and, much like it befits from skill, takes skill to use.

That is why I suggested bard buffs to be better than most magic in range and such, it could also be better in not needing mana, since that gives it a place in the system instead of trying to claim some abilities of these systems to justify it’s existence.

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So… mages would get more direct and targeted offence with their spells, alchemists (or just anyone who preps them) get drinkable potions that give a powerful buff that lasts a certain amount of time, and bards get more “party-scale” magic which can buff/heal/raise morale for a whole team or play something to debuff an enemy group. That sounds ok.
And yeah … forcing players to choose between classes is basically what any game with classes does. So that’s fine. Thankfully ATT has a malleable class system, so if you want ranged AND melee you’ve got to take more gear, so if you want more than one “school” of magic at your disposal you’ve got to take all the required gear for that too.

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Yeah and they do that to magic by forcing you to spec into different kinds of magic and not bring out a guitar for party buffs.

I think it makes more sense to swap a sword for a bow in combat because one shoots arrows and the other has a blade, than bringing swapping your lute for a staff because one does a different spell, it just seems a bit unneeded to lock spells to some tools just to separate types of magic when a limited amount of skills could do the same thing.


Potentially make a little minigame-type thing so you have to place your hand in the right area via a blue aura around the spot to make it slightly more skill based. More effective songs would be harder. Unless you were already thinking of that.

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