Battle professions

I love the jobs but can we have warrior, archer, rogue, wizard?

Core concept
Basically find a way to work in and prioritize battle classes and give a balance/need to the crafting professions. Give this a skill progression path and give them escort capabilities so that they can protect miners or woodcutters etc.

Personal twist (optional)
Maybe allow people to have 2 jobs or 1 Battle professions and crafting profession that compliments each other through “stacked skills” like a warrior that’s awesome at swinging a heavy hammer would also get a blacksmith perk etc

We already have warrior and archery, and magic is coming, check the wiki before suggesting things. Rogue has been suggested countless times here, make sure you research before posting.

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First of all, here is one of my humble thread that I wrote a list of rogue ish skills I came up with, please vote if you like it.

Second, I think a mage like combat class is in their road map, and a bunch different ideas are posted in the forum by other players and community, search around and vote if something strikes your fancy.

Finally, the biggest point I want to agree with you, is to split up classes to combat and settling two separate category.
I understand that the reason they made it as what it is now, is that there will be professional fighter or settler, or some one mix and match their 8 skills to different classes in certain ratio but did not master either class (like me, I am half Warrior half Archer but no settling skills at all). So at this point, people will be more whiling to work together and cooperate with each others.
But for so many games I played, most of them just kinda split up your combat skills with your crafting/settling skill, so every player can have half combat half settling, and for some players, they may use their skill points as 1/4 for each class as 1/4 archery 1/4 mage that is the combat half, and 1/4 blacksmith 1/4 cooking for settling half.
Because all we have now is in total 8 skill points, and there are 5 professions out there, but carpenter may have a tree in the future, tailor may have a tree in the future, cooking may have a tree in the future, mage may have a tree in the future, and many many more. Whisper “even janitor may have a tree in the future too, you never know”
So, only 8 skill points are just really really not enough… At least this is my opinion.