Be able to attach spotlight on a bow

Like how you can tape a flashlight on a bow in the forest, it also illuminates where you aiming at. I think this could be more useful than attaching the spotlight to any other tool or weapon.

Seems unrealistic to attach that much metal to a bow and still be able to aim it. Also would make aiming so much easier as long as you can see the spot light.

I think the lantern on a stick attached to the backpack (mentioned that you might be able to aim it would work better for this since it could just be aimed to where you body is facing.

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True though, hopefully that can work well, because the big problem I found about vr is the in game body position is not really where our irl body position a lot times, like how I would grab something from my hip dock when looking at one side but realized I am reaching my irl pocket which my in game body is twisted to the other side so I grabbed out something else from another dock. And I can already see this with the lantern or spotlight arm they talked about in altacast, it would work more ideal when you facing straight forward, but I am not so sure when you looking around and how your in game body may or may not follow your movement in the way you want.

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That is true but it could be spoofed to aim towards where your head is, I mean I can actually think of a mechanism (really on the part that takes in the input, not any pistons that would be needed) that would sit on the back of the neck/head that could be used to realistically move the spot light, so it’s not out of the question for a spot light that aims where your head is aimed.

Also weirdly I’ve never had the problem of reaching to my IRL side for tool belt items.

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That sounds fun! It could be really useful for sure. I hope we can still position it to certain angle and then it starts to follow our head movement with the angle. Like a proper archery draw motion
, my bow hand arm push straight out to the side but I can’t possibly turn my head that far, so the relationship of your torso, head and bow hand arm should be around 0°, 60° and 90°, and I look at the target with my eyes turn to the bow hand side for another about 30° to compensate the angle difference. At this point, if the spot light is straight forward related to my head, It still won’t light up where I aim. So a bit manual pre adjustment would be very helpful if allowed.
(Well, for sure the best way possible is the light following the bow though lol)

About grabbing wrong item from belt, it happens to me sometimes, mostly when doing a arrow reload, I sometimes dragging out what ever that is on the other spot, like when I had a quiver on my right hip and flints in right side front bock, I some times took out a flint when reaching for the next arrow. Now I have my arrows in right side front dock and a dagger on my right hip, I some times almost launch out my dagger.