Beacon flag, bomb bag and thermos

Here are some small ideas that i thoughted about.

Beacon flag:
A side bag that got no dockets, but got a flag that emit a light beam to the sky that allow people to know where the holder is and when close you can see the beam through walls, main point with this is when you go with a party into the mines or forest that the leader who leads the party got this on his bag so everyone can follow the leader without getting lost.
(Crafting: almost the same as the lantern holder, but in place of the last 2 parts it’s a big leather roll)

Bomb bag:
Gone where the day where we played with dynamite because of it’s stack limit, but with this sidebag it’s back, the sidebag got 1 slot that can only store dynamite and got a 10x stack multiplier (so 50 dynamite max).
(crafting, a leather roll as base to attach it to the bag then a leather strap for a circle on the leather roll and as last a leather for a pouch that hangs off the circle).

The upgrade of the gourd, it can hold 3 volumes and got a top that you can take off and use as cup or throw it on the ground and it disappear like the cork (does comes back when you put the thermos in the bag).
(crafting: a metal plate as cilinder, a buckle for the hole at the top, a metal plate for the cup on the top and a big leather around the cilinder)

I like these ideas a lot, although I feel like the thermos would be a bit overpowered with being craftable and holding 3 charges. And I also think that it wouldn’t make sense for the banner to cast a light beam into the sky. Instead I think it would be better for it to hold a lantern in addition to the banner, so it could be a sort of upgraded version of the lantern holder and still serve it’s purpose.


With the thermos, the overpowered stuff i try to counter it with the usage of big leather (would probably need 8 nails to attach it, so high break chance).
Ok the light beam into the sky is maybe a bit too much, but the main function of the banner is to make people know where you are so the party stick together, so if someone find something to replace the beam of light, suggestions are welcome.

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I mean he suggested to actually have a lantern on it (most likely the aimed one with it aimed at the sky.) and it would also work well if they added just a bit of fog in some areas for it to reflect off of.

Might not be visible at day, but you could also supplement it with something like a whistle that the person could use if they notice people missing, which works well since it would make sense to travel far (though it might be best to make it so it is a bit muted if you are close).