Belt add-ons

There should definitely be a place to be able to add another bubble or section to the belt kind of like the backpack pouches you can add to the side.

I believe you should be able to upgrade your belt with leather in a station to be able to add 2 more spaces in your belt at the same cost as a backpack pouch. It’s so nice to quickly grab something.

I think it would be a good idea to add a station to the character skin building to be able to have a work station for the belts. I know it makes the game more challenging to not be able to carry as much, but the amount of loot there is in the game it would be very likely to make it possible to do it.

Upgrades for the belt sound nice but I dont think it should go past upgrading to 1 or 2 more slots.

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I love this idea, but what will be the max?

Absolutely great idea. Maybe add belt pouches like the bag pouches, specifically for food, ores, wood, and a general pouch. The specific pouches would have 2x stack limit, and the general would have 1. Also, because of the belt pouches, I think that they should have some kind of weight discount. Like, a quarter weight off of the contents.

I love this idea but maybe have one pouch hold more of one item like a ore bag or food bag might

That would be awesome, but what would be the limit?