Belt item slot adjustment

Current belt item slot location interfere with your hands while your hands rest by your sides. This causes issues with HTC Vive atleast, non-stop haptic feedback draining the controller batteries.

I like having the haptic feedback on so i know I hit the slots and backbag while placing items so my suggestion for this would be to either adjust the slot locations.

Option 1 move the slots on sides further to the back, as if the items would be in your back pockets leaving the space on sides open for the controllers.

Option 2 is to allow players to have adjustable location for the slots, sliding along the belt, this could be done at the place where you change your looks for example.

Hey there @Dreamscapist if you use toggle holding often, you can disable haptics while doing so, in order to save up on battery, which means you would needs to just press down the trigger to start feeling them again.

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