Best axe metal?

I’m a woodcuter on a server I frequent, and I’m trying to find a good axe, with high durability, but that’s light so I’m not encumbered before I even hit a tree, anyone know a good metal?

Mythril is a decent metal! Light and durable! If you’re not mine guy (I’m not a mine guy) You can go to the mountain and check if there is a mythril turabada up there. My suggestion is shooting at it from afar. If that’s too hard then red iron is good. Not light, but it’s an alloy that’s easy to get (Copper and iron combined). I’m a woodcutter myself see.

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Ah, thank you very much, I’m getting the iron and copper now lol

Ooh, furthermore, don’t keep any unnecessary stuff with you on your woodcutting journeys. Maybe keep staple items with you (flint, hay, sticks, and a weapon. A gourd is optional). That way you can get more wood during your trips.

There’s not many trees around but thanks for the advice

Really? Where’ve you been going?

You two should carry on your very 1-on-1 conversation via Direct Message :slight_smile: