Better cooking/roasting feedback

The idea of this post is to give more feedback to players cooking, both to help reinforce that a player is doing the right thing if they are new and are experimenting and for experienced players in making the cooking process look a little cooler and let them know when their food will be done.

What I’m thinking is that as some raw ingredient is getting cooked it should show signs of this by either slowly taking on the texture of it’s cooked counterpart, for example the drumstick.
We start off with an uncooked drumstick.
After a little bit into the cooking process the texture would either start getting blotchy like pictured above or it would all slowly change color to the cooked version, but only on the outside (skin) part of the meat.
Near the end of the cooking process the meat would be almost the same as a cooked drumstick except that the inside bit is still discolored, once that fully goes away the drumstick is ready to eat.
If you keep cooking past that point, char marks would start forming signifying that the meat is now getting burnt and the player should take it off.

While it wouldn’t be needed, it would be nice to also have it so that if the meat is half way cooked it would have half the effects of uncooked and cooked meat, so that meat that is almost cooked doesn’t act just like uncooked meat.

In case we still have “cooked” or “uncooked” then it might be best that near the end of the cooking process it will “poof” to fully complete so new players don’t get confused why the meat that looks fully done (with slight blue discoloration at the end) is hurting them.

Not convinced by the blotchy stage, but this is an excellent suggestion overall :+1: Maybe have the outside change colour more evenly, slowly getting through to the more raw centre. And the charred stage could even become a preference for people who prefer a crunchy / crackling skin on their meats, achieved consistently only by more skilled cooks as it quickly becomes burnt beyond the charring stage? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the blotchy idea was more for before I thought of the end changing in that way, which fixes the problem of all of it changing at once being hard to distinguish what color is right, same with the charred marks. (as in the char marks make it easier to tell it’s gone from raw to cooked and is now going from cooked to burnt.

Yeah that was more of outside the scope for the post, I was more trying to make it something easy to add that helps with cooking, instead of changing cooked food to have a lot more of what you’re saying since then it’s less likely to get added.

But I fully agree, having it so there is a risky area where you get better buffs but could ruin the whole thing if you wait just a little too much longer would be cool.

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to suggest that a perfectly charred piece would have any bonus buffs or whatnot. Just thought it could be fun even if it’s only a marginally different texture, accompanied by a satisfying crunch or crackle when consumed.

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I love this idea ,however it would also be cool if we would need to rotate the meat while its cooking to cook it evenly. Maybe we would have an option to put meat (or whatever we want to cook) on a stick (if its solid and big enough for that) for easier and more remote/safe cooking (I assume flames would hurt us if we get too close to them).

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ooooh, and on a smaller scale, it would be nice to have to option to skewer things like fish, and squirrels/rats etc and have them staked into the ground next to the fire, instead of laid directly onto the flames.

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Gosh dang it this was another I didn’t want to push for since it goes past just giving feedback, and also adds to the complexity of the item, but if the devs wanted to add it I’d be all for it, though I feel people would get mad because it would make cooking 100x harder, not that it would be hard, just that you can’t throw a ton of piece of meat in a chest and auto cook them, nor can you just leave them in a pile on a fire.

Again it would make the idea a lot more controversial I think, but as a side idea totally.