Better Gourd Efficiency via SPOON

It’s a spoon.

Gourds are pretty useful, we can all agree. Cooking is also very useful. However, what’s not ideal is that we tend to waste the stews.
There are three stews I specifically have in mind when it comes to waste.

STEW A: Shroom Stew. Gives 5 Satiation and 1 Health.

STEW B: Pumpkin Stew. Gives 5 Satiation and 3 Health.

STEW C: Strength Stew (namenotofficial). Gives a whopping 7 Strength and 2 Satiation.

Usually these stews are pretty excessive. The average player usually won’t wait until a bar under the running requirement to make full use of their stew charge (1 per flask, 2 per gourd, 3 per cauldron).

Not to mention the strength stew is just plain excessive. Even a properly crafted red iron weapon can oneshot wyrms.

My proposal is THE SPOON

The spoon will be able to subdivide the charges of stew into “mini-charges,” preventing waste of the ingredients and time you spent making the precious stew.

Q: How will the subdivisions work?
A: They will be able to split a charge into 2-4 (depending on how the devs want idk) miniature charges, having their divided efficacy.

For example: Let’s say it’s implemented with 2 charges. A pumpkin stew will give you 5 Satiation and 3 Health, normally. But with THE SPOON, you can take half a charge and get 2.5 Satiation and 1.5 Health.
This means that you can mosey on over to a location, possibly away from danger, and top off your hunger meter. All while being able to run, and maximize the effects of stew consumption. No wasteful drinking nor risk of being caught without the ability to sprint!

Q: Would this work with teleport potion? This would double our charges!
A: Yes it would. It’s amazing, I know. People would think this would be a bit powerful, but I would say it increases the value of a single gourd.

A whole four charges of teleportation would be very useful to have, yet not possible without one or the other. This would lead to less “gourd-hogging” because someone would be able to utilize their already owned gourds even better than before. It then becomes the choice between +1 free inventory slot or and extra 4 charges. (Which, frankly, I find 8 teleport charges completely unnecessary).

Q: But won’t this take an additional slot? I’d rather just make more stew later than waste a slot.
A: Ah, yes. But let me introduce a sub-concept to you…


Similar to how lanterns attach to certain handles, the gourd would be able to hold THE SPOON on its object, saving space and having a nifty maximization tool! No need for messy inventory management!

This tool would revolutionize (eh) our current gourd and consumable liquids strategies! The gourd becomes much more useful with an amazing, yet simple, wooden utensil! Vote on this, my fellow townsfolk, and let us bring the glory of THE SPOON to A Township Tale!

Personal twist (optional)
It’s a spoon. What else can I add to it? Maybe metal spoons? Valyan spoons? Nah.

Nice idea, gets a vote from me… but … wouldn’t a spoon be really easy to spill from, and tricky to fill and sip little doses from while on the move? Why not a simple cup instead of a fiddly spoon? The cup could have a simple handle which could tie onto the neck of a bottle or gourd, similar to your spoon.

It’s a spoon. How dare you speak against it.

On a more serious note: Liquids don’t actually gain velocity from your movement. They will fall behind you if you move while drinking. The cup is a good idea, but it would have to be tiny, meaning a smaller profile. The spoon is a looong object, so you can grab it easily and mount it easily. I also think the increased ability to spill liquids is worth doubling the charges of a gourd.

The cup could go on top and replace the cork/stopper. Functionally similar to a thermos with cup-cap. Spoon is good. No disrespect to spoon. Spoon could also be a nice additional implement for eating soup socially, sharing a bowl with a friend, or taste-testing your stew as it’s cooking.

Spoon for bowl, cup for gourd. Maybe also we could be able to take sips from our gourd and bottles, just lil sips for tiny effect.


That reminds me of an idea I had ages ago. The “If I ever made a game myself, I’d like A, B and C to be in it” dream.
The idea was simply that potion bottles of various sizes had different amounts of uses (obvious) and having bottles and gourds in ATT is precisely that (Original idea would’ve involved glass-blowing to create bottles of any size, from tiny vials to large jars, then onto leather waterskins and, why not, gourds) As you drink, you’d hear your character gulp, and each gulp would indicate one use.
Why not bring that idea into ATT? Basic glass potion bottle would be 2 gulps, gourd could be 4. You could have a little sip / single gulp to get a bit of energy / satiate your hunger, and 2 gulps to get the FULL effect of whatever the potion (as they are currently) is meant to be.


Glass blowing with complete variety would be awesome, we could grind down sandstone or just use sandstone to make the glass.


100% this, you beat me to saying it.

It would be so nice to have this so it makes sense that a player is drinking one charge, instead of what we have right now with a single charge being multiple mouthfuls.


go spoon gooooooooo

spoon spoon yheeeeeea

With the nutrition update you could probably be able to separate it three times because a normal stew charge takes up three nutrition bars or whatever they’re called to drink.