Big leather sleeping pad

A placement mechanic for big leather to add to the cosplay/future housing aspects of the game.
Core concept
I think it would be really cool to set up a camp with a fire and big leather sleeping mats and just chat with the fellas as the cold forest night continues on. Or have a really nice rug when the housing update comes out.
Personal twist
As for how this should look, I think it would look good in a square since the big leather are perfectly rolled in a square shape but I’m open to suggestions.

As has been pointed out previously regarding camping:

But while it’s not big enough NOW, the devs HAVE said the map will be a LOT bigger. The Trello Roadmap mentions More Forest Content, Dungeons, Weather/seasons, World Events, Mountain Routes, and New Regions, all of which would expand the world and give REAL value to camping. People would want to camp around world events or dungeons to prep or recover, and if the forest gets MORE complex people may need camping gear to extend their survival, etc. Weather may necessitate cover, in the case of freezing rain or snow.

Previous sleeping pad and/or outdoor sleeping arrangement mentions:

The roll itself looks like it COULD be stretched out to a possible 5-6ft, but without the need to stretch the material it could act as a thick blanket. The rug you mentioned should probably include a DOZEN or so large leather rolls, to give it real padding and cover the area of a person’s body/act as a sleeping roll…

This all begs the question of how sleeping would work in aTT. Do we have to lay down? Does our character just auto-pilot animate into bed when we walk next to it and grab a settings orb? Does it follow Minecraft logic (no sleep with enemies near)?
It’ll be interesting to see, provided camps are a thing. (16 votes on Craftable and placeable tents seems to me like the community has spoken!)

I’m kinda thinking player camps will become a possibility around the same time as player housing since that’s the current new-feature focus. They’re fairly similar, and we would be using a lot of the same materials for both.