Bigger Backpacks, Tailoring, and Tool Slots

It seems clear to me that more storage in the backpack has been a decently wanted feature for quite a while so here’s my take on how it should work. Cotton/hemp/other cloth plant can be found (and farmed when it comes) around the world. This can be spun into cloth and thread with a loom which is found in the sewing shop but also placeable in houses. This cloth can be sewed into bags and maybe clothing (that looks very bland and is only for useful things to not remove the purpose for cosmetics) while the thread could be braided into bowstrings, fishing line and rope. If an animal is added that could have leather-like skin that could be used as cloth too. Once a bag is crafted the storage grid can not be changed, but the outside can, bags can be adorned with hooks for hanging lanterns and gourds. They can also have rope loops (like the hip slots) to hang large (and small) tools like long handled axes, long handled picks, bows, spears, etc. This would of course come with limits, only 2 large tool slots and 2 utility hooks could be added. Backpacks can be crafted in 2 sizes, 9 slots and 16 slots, the 9 slot backpack is the same one we have now, but the 16 slot pack is heavier, increasing the speed hunger is drained while running and walking and also decreasing run/walk speed by 20%. This renders it almost useless as a normal adventure backpack. Additionally, the more accessories added also increases the weight slightly. Also, it would be funny to be able to make a cartoon style knapsack with a large piece of cloth and a long handle, it would only have 4 slots and could only be carried with hands and wouldn’t serve much purpose other than being goofy and providing a wee bit of storage when moving things short distances (since it would get annoying to carry in your hands).

Two more things: A metal loop or a small rope loop would need to be attached to the gourd before being hung. Also, my banner and painting idea would also require cloth to make the canvases and banners.

One more thing after two more things: I don’t stand by this idea anymore because Eturian posted a better idea in this thread underneath this idea.

I’m not so much in favor of making larger backpacks drain hunger while moving, as that is less a trade off and more of a limiter for lower levels as it costs more to use it, but as long as: Isn’t too much of a drain and the food system is developed more so that we aren’t just eating more often.

Also I think the speed decrease is something that everyone will hate since it just extends the time of something that isn’t very fun (walking around, at least for places you have already been to.) so people will just get annoyed at it.

I mentioned this on the discord, but I think the hip bag idea would make more sense for a option that exchanges combat effectiveness/ease of access to medium slots for storage. The hip bags would have a flap at the top that could be opened and would show it’s slots at about chest height and a bit to the side of the player, this would make getting out a sword or pick (any weapon or tool you would have at your hips) take a bit longer, but would give that extra space without you slowing down a mining group or indirectly costing you more for walking around.

The bags would most likely have 4-3 slots each with a limit of medium items.

And to be fair, we could have both the large backpacks and the side packs to give players the ability to choose which they prefer.

I do love the idea of being able to farm cloth like materials to make bags with though.


@Edit I really don’t want hip bags like that. Besides that, I’ve basically scraped this idea in favor of Eturian’s in discord, but im gonna leave it up so people can still read it. Some parts, however i do want to keep, like the tailoring part and the attachments part.


I’d edit the main post to mention that so that people know, and again, it’s a preference of which inconvenience, and the larger bags just adds an inconvenience to the whole game, instead of making players with more storage have a disadvantage in just combat, and a little in access to their items.

Edit: I checked out Eturian’s idea and it looks awesome, I still say hip packs might be good once we get the map more fleshed out and their is more of a reason to take more items with you, but for now 12 slots would be just fine, not even including the extra large slot.


Personally I’d just have two large slots on the back, one over each shoulder, so like I can reach over the left shoulder for backpack and right shoulder for tool/weapon.
Have a mechanic that blocks two backpacks: as soon as one is attached the other will only take a large tool/weapon.
just my 2c

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@Eturian It’s nice that you put it in this thread, but you should make a new topic for it so people can vote for your idea.

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I could do … but should I? I thought the idea with this new site and layout was to stop from having duplicate threads covering the same or similar ideas? Otherwise we’d just have a hundred backpack threads eventually.

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But as @Zebulaun has said “I’ve basically scraped this idea in favor of Eturian’s in discord” So just put it on a new post, and it will be fine, though I think Zeb still needs to change the title of this post and add a note to the main post.

Ok. done. removed duplicate post from here.

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