Birch tree not spawning

In a new private server, there is absolutely no birch trees spawning anywhere. Birch tree monsters can spawn.

Reproduction Steps:

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Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

If you can effectively replicate this issue after wiping the server numerous times, please reply. Otherwise, I’m assuming that your server got unlucky and didn’t get the birch trees.

@pyromaniac360 could you also clarify, do static birch trees exist (eg. unchoppable ones?)

I believe this is also happening on The Farlands. I have gone through the Forest and wooded areas but I’ve never seen a choppable birch tree. I only see a couple of decorative birch tree here and there, but not a whole “biome”. Unlucky, I suppose.

I can confirm they are on US2 and my own private server, you might need to do a wipe.

We also experienced this on the current generation of our own forest, which I wiped and restarted about a week ago (the previous server generated them just fine). Our server community searched every inch of our forest and only found one birch tree, confirming the spawners exist, but they were either overridden by other spawns during generation or are rendered inaccessible.

As a workaround, I used Prefabulator to drop some into our server using the Tree Spawner - Any Birch prefab, set them to ground, then reloaded the chunk in my client. Not a fantastic solution, but usable for now.

I also noticed that no save wipeforest appears to exist when I searched for it. Given the alternative is to wipe the entire server, is this command expected in the future?

Edited to add: our forest in my instance has plenty of “static” birch trees, but no spawnables that we could find other than the one.

Mea culpa, we have five birch trees in our forest. Another player on my server had simply gone ahead and chopped a few of them ahead of us, then we never reloaded that chunk for an extended period of time.

Five birch trees for the whole server seems a bit sparse however, so report remains that this may still be a thing.