Blacksmithing skill idea

Give blacksmiths the ability to grab 2 metals that make an alloy and smash them together to make their respective alloys (perhaps it could be an extension of the ember composer skill where you have to flick both of the metals to heat them up and then smash them together to make the alloy). This would help free up the forge so that there aren’t so many people waiting to smelt their ores or ingots (especially when someone needs to smelt a couple of hundred of the items they’re smelting). Perhaps it could be limited to only being able to make 5-10 of the alloy being made at a time as to not make the smelter useless but also make the skill worth getting. This would also encourage people seeking to become professional blacksmiths to learn all of the alloys and the respective recipies required to make said alloys in order to effectively utilize the skill.

That also would mean free (no fuel) smelting.

I think we just need the smelter to have two slots on the side so it can smelt two different things at once, I mean it makes sense that you would be able to use the heat for more than one thing at a time.

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maybe the payment instead of fuel could be the more of the alloy youre making, the longer it takes for the metals to heat up in your hands. although with this i dont think it would be a good idea to have the amount you can make at a time limited. it would mean that the skill would serve a different role than the smelter where players that are willing to wait can use the skill and others that want to leave their metals to smelt themselves can throw them in the forge. this could also be a decent alternative to having to wait for someone to go get fuel for the forge should it run out (which from my experience has been quite a few times).

I just think we should solve the problem of the smelter only being able to smelt ores/alloys for one person at a time instead of giving a skill that weirdly does the same thing but is there just because the smelter might be taken.

The fuel problem comes about from people just expecting fuel in the furnace and then it takes a bit of time for someone to get few from a stash they have (if they have a lantern on their pick, or just a lantern in general, then they already got a stash on them) and rarely going to get some wood to fuel it from the forest. It’s not really a problem to be fixed when it comes about from player laziness.

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this skill was one of the more fun ideas i thought of to fix this problem as opposed to just “the smelter can now smelt more” because ultimately thats the whole reason i suggested this in the first place because i get kinda bored just waiting for 600 ore pieces to smelt. as much as the ability to smelt 300 ore pieces at both times does solve the problem it isnt very fun.

most players i meet dont have a latern and the few that do use coal as opposed to wood for their fuel so more often than not someone has to run up to town hall, grab their axe and chop down a bunch of trees which takes quite a while when you consider all the people waiting at the blacksmith just to make like a few ingots or something. as i said previously this would help eliminate that and allow players to make a process easier which at the end of the day is what most skills are designed to do, provide a solution to an inconvenience. as i also said in the initial post, this also encourages professional blacksmiths to memorise all of the alloy recipies in order to properly utilize the skill taking up their limited space on the skill table because it seems like not even most blacksmiths know most of the alloy recipies (this does include me, i cant always remember electrum and viridium right away but i feel like this would make me force myself to memorise all the recipies and i feel like this would also be true for some other blacksmiths).

I’m confused why would it being coal change anything? coal can be used just the same as wood in the smelter.

because most of the time people use wood so unless everyone suddenly decided to start using coal there would be a constant back and forth of the fuel running out and people changing the fuel

But you are taking about the furnace running out of fuel, in which case it’s very easy to change the type of fuel, but it would be nice to have a slot for both types of fuel.

The biggest issue I see here are ratios.
How would smacking these metals together work?
Palladium requires 1 red iron and 2 silver ORE. This would mean you would need a bag of ore, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to just “smack” them together, as we only have 2 hands.

Having bags would complicate things a bit, and possibly introduce a lot of bugs to hammer out for the devs, since the servers would need to check for the skill initiation, items in hand, consult the crafting dictionary (it’s a thing in the code), and then check the amount in each hand, and finally create the end result.

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Also, if you’re a “professional blacksmith,” you’ll end up learning all the ore/ingot ratios as you smith.
I have every metal ratio memorized for both ingots and ore, and their stats in order for damage and durability. It sort of just comes with the trade.

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