Blacksmithing (Xp and such)

Right now XP is gained by hitting an unforged blade and the more hits you do on a blade the more XP you get as it corresponds with the number of hits needed to complete your blade, The problem with this is that the best way to get Blacksmithing XP is to use a stone hammer literally the lowest tier hammer, to farm blacksmithing XP, This doesn’t encourage upgrading your actual forging hammer (if you have one) in any way as to get the most out of your unforged blade you use a stone hammer, I feel like this needs to change, In my opinion, I feel like a multiplier should be added to your hammer depending on what material it is, so it makes progression actually rewarding in the blacksmithing sense so that people will actually upgrade their hammers.

Also, something I just learned, the person holding the unforged blade gets the blacksmithing XP whether they’re hitting it or not… makes sense

I agree that exp should increase with the material type you are attempting to forge. The problem with that is that the game will get progressively easier as you advanced through materials. You will need to decreased the amount of exp based on how much blacksmithing exp you have (including the amount currently tied up in the skill tree). I can only assume Alta is planning to do this anyhow and the current system is just a pre-alpha placeholder; it just doesn’t make sense otherwise. The per hit thing makes a lot of sense as a temporary system. Varying exp by material type will take a lot of balancing.

Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I am currently suffering with a bad shoulder because I was grinding the blacksmith skill with a copper hammer and Valyan daggers.

I managed to get 2 levels, but I’m not sure if my middle aged body can take another 2 levels without some medical intervention.

I think that most other “skills” manage to make me feel like I’ve improved in that area, but Blacksmithing just feels like it’s a brute force skill in which you achieve no finesse. In fact once you have a Mythril/Valyan hammer, it makes smithing trivial.

It would be nice to see Blacksmithing skills play a larger part in gaining xp, or even to lock out certain metals from being smithed.

I feel like my crafting skills improved, the more I craft, but my smithing is essentially the same as day one, and I’d like to feel like I’m practicing, rather than grinding… If that makes sense.