Blade Poisons

Addition of blade poisons, cores of which will be a unique Wyrm drop

Core concept
Every type of wyrm will drop a unique to their type poison gland, the crystal ones giving paralyzing gland, the green ones giving poison glands, etc. The poison glands will be mixed with a poison base, and then can be poured on a blade, giving it an ability to deal damage over time if poison is applied, or paralyzing your opponent if the paralyzing one is applied, etc. Players will have a perk in their skill tree that allows the poisons to stay on permanently, until another poison is applied to the same blade, that will swap them. For players without the perk, the poisons will wear out upon hitting enemies with the weapon a certain amount of hits, the amount derived from the durability of the blade, ex: copper blades will hold poisons worse than red iron, and red iron will hold it worse than silver, and so on.

Already suggested in this post.

They spit acid, not poison.

No, that would cause problems. Having poison be permanent upgrades for some people and consumables for others would cause problems, also what if a different player uses it? Does it keep the poison? Or does it magically lose it? (First one would lead to everyone having poisoned blades and it making no sense and the other one isn’t badly balanced but still doesn’t really make sense).

High level poisons would either be on the cheaper side and every player with the perk has the best poison while the other players have to buy a bunch or it’s expensive and perk players all eventually get the best poisons while players without the perk don’t waste the money on the consumable out side of really hard fights.

Lastly it would limit the abilities of poisons, if you let some players use any poison as long as they like then you can’t add intresting poisons that are balanced out by being rare and only applied to a few strikes or for a short time after you apply the poison.

But why? Why make it so valyan is best for poison? Why not have it so some metals aren’t as good (damage wise), but hold poison great and even increase the effects of the poison?

I agree with Edit. If this was to be added, i would say it would be the inverse - copper holding poisons / oils better than Evinon. This would be a great balance to weapons, as newer players who don’t have better resources can deal short term bonus damage.

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I think it would be cool if the wyrm acid was somewhat corrosive so the weapons would decay faster when used with poison and then certain metals and alloys would corrode slower

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