Blowable Stone Spawn in a very narrow path

I explore the mine today until 77th level, I found out a very narrow pathway hav multiple blowable stone spawn on it, I hav success blow off 2 of them, and when I keep going into the narrow pathway, I find out another one blocking my path, so I decided to back off some distance so tat the bomb won’t hurt me. However, I found out I just stuck in the pathway, it won’t let me back off anymore, even with teleportation, so the only choice I hav it just drink the potion or blowoff myself…

Reproduction Steps:
Walk in a narrow pathway with the land tat is in V shape.
Private Tale
Approximate GMT 11.00pm
Dicord Username:

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

You may need to provide a screenshot of the area or some log files. The mines are randomly generated, so no 2 mines will ever be the same.

I believe I know what you are talking about, ling. That passage is to the next stair level, and you can use teraboda eyes or dynamite to get through. I do not understand how you got stuck though… can you please add some screenshots?

And before I blow out the stone, the stone is just behind me, so if I use bomb at there, the result is I die with the stone gone. Or yes, I can drink teleport potion.
And I can’t walk it because it hav a little high land in front of me, it block me from being moving forward.

I see the problem here… With the new update, the teleport distance was reduced which caused many issues such as this. unfortunately this cannot be fixed until the distance is increased.

Actually I not sure why not just add a jump feature for this game? A jump can resolved many situation like this.