Blue Gem Powered "unlimited" Quiver

Using Blue Crystals to Set a teleport “dock” from a strong box slot into a quiver.

Core concept

I would like to suggest a “magical” quiver based on the science of ATT. The televator technology could be adapted to create a teleport (that could or could not cost crystal shards to use) from a dock in your strong box to a dock in your Quiver. Powered by Crystal shards the could give you a “Unlimited” arrows supply. (limited in the amount of arrows you have crafted and put into your teleport dock in the strongbox.)
This could easily fit into ATT lore without being immersion breaking.

Personal twist (optional)
It would be a crafted Quiver with 2 slots, the Quiver would be a little more bulky then the current one, with a Glowing Blue Gem in the Center on the outside of the quiver opposite of the carrying strap. The top dock (for arrows) would remain the same, but there would be an optional Dock for crystal shards to power the device.

I don’t think this is very necessary, as it is basically wasting your lockbox space so that you can have the novelty of a quiver that teleports arrows to you. Also, we have only seen kolmui technology be built as large structures, never as a handheld device, so this would defy lore as we know it.

this is false, the crafting deck, chisel deck and gold presses utilize gem energy, the Crafting deck has a single blue gem embedded in the center, which displays the holographic recipe info, the chisel deck has a blue gem powering it to highlight the next piece to be chiseled, and the presses require an internal 5 crystals to transmute gold ingots into 5 gold coins.

Oh wow, I totally forgot about those. I still don’t think this is necessary even if it doesn’t violate lore, though. Also the presses don’t and never have (as long as I’ve been playing) require crystals to operate.

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That’s an assumption on my part, it takes 5 blue gems to build a press and with one punch you are chopping, molding, shaping, polishing and stamping 5 coins from an ingot with 0 material loss, sounds like its using those crystals to convert the ingot into coins- its just all simulated with one lever pull

Might be better if it took arrows from your backpack, so you get something like a marksman backpack with a large stack of arrows that feeds into your quiver, though at that point it wouldn’t be adding much besides making it so you don’t have to top off your quiver a few times.

Also if would be kind of weird to have crystal tech that teleports items all the way from your lock box but have no way to do it for any other items in the lock box, since that would just mess up storage.

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