Boars for food

Just Boars for more food

Some stockier creature that gives more food, but is harder to kill than walking into it would be good.

Though, like the idea for a deer/wolf creature, the creature would need to be more unique than “boar” maybe boar mixed with a bear? Tusks from the boar, face a mix of the two and the body mostly bear. Large version would make a cool mini boss that roams the plains and would drop a good amount of meat.

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Maybe the bear/boar mixture would drop ivory too so we can make some super cool house furniture/decoration pieces as well as cool ivory handles. The small tusks would only allow for small handles while the large ones would be displayable as trophies as well as used to make larger handles and decorations. Think of how awesome it’d be to have a giant tusk on display to show you defeated that creature.

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