Boats and Fishing

Boats that float on water and allow for waterbased travel through the world!

Core concept
The boat allows for water travel via oars or sails, sails would allow for faster travel but speed and direction dependent on wind and/or rivers flow, and oars allow you to go in any direction, at the cost of slower speed but can be pulled back by currents. you could even use fishing rods off the side of the vessel for a new type of food source, Salmon and Cod.

Salmon and Cod could be used in potion making, with the abilities possibly linked to swim speed or stronger rowing ability. but salmon can be eaten raw for food, however if salmon is cooked you could get more nutrition ticks from it. Cod has to be eaten cooked, otherwise you get a sickness debuff.

Pretty good basic idea, but you can only use boats in lakes, as it would remove the need for bridges altogether