Bones, anyone? (Idea list)

Hello, everyone! My first post here. Anyway, let me get to the point. Bones, as you all know, are the most useless item in the game currently. I would like to change that. Currently, we can get bones from certain meats, mobs, what have you. I haven’t taken much of my time on this game yet, but I can already see the potential this item could give.

Given the uselessness of this item, I have 2 main ideas for components. Whether you implement these, will be your choices. My first idea would be bone/marrow weapons. Think arrows, daggers, and light, one handed swords. My reasoning for this would be that bones have a dense, and very un-malleable substance. I believe that if you were to make a greatsword / anime buster-sword out of bones in real life, it would probably shatter before you could hit an object.

Bones should be able to be carved though, much like wood in the carpentry area. It should be a bit harder to make these, as they should chip much faster than wood. Given it’s hardness to cut, I believe arrows should be red-iron or iron strength, with having 1-3 bones for each tip. Swords, like a shortsword or rapier, should require 6-7 for the shortsword, given it’s girth. Rapiers would need 5-6 because of their length, but less than the shortsword because of their very small width. Bone clubs should also be able to be made, although these would be less effective. Probably in between bronze and rusty. Although these would either take much less carving or none at all.

Next, we should be able to make bone marrow. Doing so would require breaking a bone via the carpeting station, or via breaking a bone item or weapon. If you have no bowls, cauldrons, or any containers in your inventory, it should splat on the ground and disappear. Otherwise, you could contain these samples of bone marrow to be used in the cooking skill. This should be able to replace certain ingredients, and would also mainly give positive buffs.

Thank you for reading about my suggestion about bones, and I hope to see the future of this marvelous game!


Edit 1: Farming

When farming gets eventually added, I would like to see bones have a use for compost.

Uses of bones, most of these in fact, have been brought up before, but it is nice having one post to have them all together and talk about them.

I think farming, cooking and alchemy would be the big uses of bones, with weapons being so so, since they are easy to get, but it could have some bonus to some types of enemies. I like the idea you gave for cracking open the bone for the marrow, though it’s not liquid so I’m not sure it would splat on the ground.

I think it might be best for making bone weapons if you had to grind the bones down or at least break them up and smelt them with something else to reform them, maybe even skipping the ingot possess and turning the mix into the tool/weapon piece.

Good idea overall.