Books! Librarians!

Simply. Just books that you can write anything in.

Core concept
A book made of pages carpented out of wood, and wrapped in leather.
2 Leather rolls, 8 buckles, and 2 plates to make a book sleeve, and then each page is made out of 6 wood wedges for 6 pages of the book. Pages can be added at any time, and ripped out at any time. There is a limit of 120 pages in the book.
Ink can be made by preparing a cauldron, and dropping 4 coal into it. Garlic can be added to make glowing ink, and different pieces of food to make dyed ink. Rock salt can be added to create more quill servings, explained later.
Ink can be served into a bottle, and a feather can be dipped into ink a total of 5 times (+1 times per rock salt, maximum of 3) When a feather is dipped into ink, the feather can write on paper for a total of 20 seconds. Dipping ink again replenishes this timer, and uses another quill serving.
Books take up 1 slot in a bag, and cannot be stacked. Books can be found in the mines filled with 30 pages, and ripped pages can be put into books.
Bookshelves can be added in certain locations in town, and will store 10 books on each shelf, a maximum of 5 shelves and 50 books in a bookshelf.

Personal twist (optional)
Notepads can be added aswell, and the coils to hold the paper can be made out of 10 buckles, and only 1 nail is required to make the coil. A maximum of 30 pages can be added, and the pad will be flipped vertically.
Feathers, leathers and handles can also be dipped into the ink to colour the feathers.
Specialized quills can also be made to double the ink usage time, requiring 5 feathers, 5 plates, and 10 buckles.

Final Notes:
Please message me on Discord for critiques, or just to chat. Idetake’#9009