U throw it right, it comes back. doesnt need to do a whole lot of damage but i mean… its a boomerang

So what exactly would be the appeal or reason to add this to the game?

If it doesn’t do real damage, is it just a toy? Cause there are MUCH easier toys to add to the game. If you haven’t noticed, you can’t exactly throw weapons that well currently, not without running and baseball tossing as hard as possible… so first the devs would have to fix throwing, and then upgrade it for weird aerodynamics like a boomerang, so it can return.

They could give us beyblade-style top spinners that just uses the bow’s arrow notch motion or Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes gag toys from Harry Potter. A wind up dragon toy that flies away from you using spriggul movement, whoopie cushion, toy mallet, etc. all with the same amount of effort needed to implement 1 boomerang

The only functional use I can think of for a boomerang would be dungeon puzzles similar to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and maybe stuns if they ever get implemented.

it does real damage, i said just not a whole lot…
, make them able to be bladed like sokkas and then they would do more damage, throw it, take a couple shots with a bow, or back up and heal, then catch it. doesn’t have to be for everybody, I just like boomerangs, but it could definitely be of some use, and not just a toy, altho I would use mine as a toy often. like I use the rocks to play golf