Bosses to ATT

Add bosses to the Quest. PC has different Gotera types and Combat Trials and Quest needs something new.

I think adding bosses to the game would be amazing. You would find them throughout the world maybe you have to defeat 1 boss to get to the path where a skill tree is? Maybe you would get a boss every 20 levels or so. Just something different from the normal monsters that you fight. I consider the Turabada at the top of the hill in the Ruins area a boss because he is unique and massive. Having different bosses would lead to excitement like if a boss is really hard and you are cave mining it was give that adrenaline boost to the player as they hope its an easy boss and not a hard boss. This bosses would be random every level.

I would hope the bosses wouldn’t be the standard monsters only bigger, stronger, and have different abilities but that would be okay. If it were up to me, I would make massive unique bosses that were like the smaller more standard creatures but still different, ex; Wood Type, Stone Type, Phantom, etc. An example of this could be, a giant Pixie that could summon Goteras or other creatures. I believe this idea would be fantastic and a great addition.

A giant pixie? like the empress of light?

I believe Bosses are coming. Alta Cast #31.

Quest will also get the combat trails, and everything else that the PC has, they have already stated that their current goal is to bring the quest in line with PC so they can in the future build both versions together simultaneously. My understanding is that brining quest in line with PC and increasing accessibility features is their current focus. So hopefully it wont be too long before we have combat trials. That said, Bosses may still be a long ways away even if it is something that they hope to do at some point.

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You do know the quest is getting those Goteras as well and inplace of just post a idea with “add bosses”, make a idea about a boss, how it looks, how it fights, what it drops,…

Like this is a boss idea post The Demanding - Ideas - The Township (

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