Bot representation -> first steps to NPCs

Bots are fun but have no presence on the server they are connected to. Giving them a body would help players to interact with him. (Or even know they are there)

Core concept
Most bot interaction is taking place on Discord, wich is strange, because we ought to code ATT bots. I’d like to change that.
@Siege had a great idea in giving his bot named Guide an own account.
Why don’t we make it a standard? Either making accounts for bots with server owner role, or create a bot role to make it clear, that this is a bot, when he logs onto the server.

As the bot logs onto the server, he could be given a body then.
That may bei either:

  • an active preset made for the account
  • an asset from the game like WoodenDice or PhanTom (yes yes yes)

The server just takes the 3D model and places it on the map and the bot owner can easily move that model to the place where it’s needed.

What the hell is it good for?
Players could have something physical to interact with as visual guide where to address to, when interacting with a bot.
Coders have a certain point on the map from where to reach out for the players. Like scanning for nearby players and sending them messages with instructions (like server rules or instructions for events).

Players can reach out for a bot to start events like a game or quest, when they know where he is. The player visits the bot, wich begs the player to help him get rid off a bunch of monsters ( wich will spawn in that moment in a told place). The hyped adventurer heads to that place and kills the monsters (tracked by subscription). He returns to the bot, when done. Now the bot can hand out a present and we have a happy adventurer!

Ain’t this just a silly plaything for a mini minority of our community?
Yes and no.
Yes the circle of bot coders is small but it may grow with the new possibilities of a bot presence.
But the biggest gain for Alta would be all the testing, development and experience we achieve for the devs on the topic of non-animal NPC handling and interaction. Weeks and months ahead of any dev work. We could then give feedback, what works, what is well received by the player base and what is useless.

What do we need to do?
(created bot account is mandatory at that point)
Add a function to the websocket wich can be send optional to the server (because not every bot will need a presence) with the parameters:

  • appearance (“preset” / [assetname])
  • position (x / y / z)
    and let the selected appearance be spawned in the given place.
    Great would be the return of an ID to work with.

Additional wish and connection to another topic
Like mentioned in the META Discord before:

It would be great to have passive mob assets. Interactive bots would be a great usage of this concept.

I would keep in mind that it doesn’t look like humanoid NPCs will be a thing or at very few. Can’t find the exact thing but here is this.

But even if it’s a little a bit of help that the bots would make that applies to NPCs it would be cool to see it.


Maybe our work and testing will help alta to figure out what could be worth to code and what not?
I’m fully aware, that what I want here ain’t a thing of two lines of code but it may be enough effort to open up enough possibilities in long terms of thoughts.


I was told by the ugh I forgot his name but he was the guy with wiki in his nickname of township tale I was told that they didn’t want to add them I think i see why

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If you’re talking about Humanoid NPCs that you can talk to in general then yeah, it’s a lot of system to make it work, and talking would be hard to add in a VR game that avoids interfaces like this.

And the stereotypical NPC doesn’t really fit ATT with how it has the players fill out the village.

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