Bow draw-back length

I often find that for bows, I need to draw my hand back behind my head to get any good velocity and damage.

It would be way better if I only needed to draw the string back to just in front of my face like how you would a real bow.

Please lower the draw distance needed or even add a system that allows us to tweak how taut the string is to accommodate for different arm lengths.

To front or side of face is normal for full-draw. Pulling waaay behind the head is just unnatural. So yeah, I agree with this. Particularly as the archery skills only happen at full draw. It’s kinda horrible to hold it behind my head for about 10 full seconds to get my level 1 powered-up arrow, and not good for tracking either as it makes the arrow jittery and tough to aim well :frowning: Perhaps the trigger for these skills could be that the arrow hand be held by the players’ head for a while to charge the arrow, instead of the thing being fully drawn to an awkward position?


I like the idea of making it relative to the head.
I’d hope it’s also work if you pulled the string to your body for people who hold the bow parallel to the ground.

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I agree with this completely. I shoot a 30in draw in real life and have to put my right controller behind my neck to get to full draw in this game. I think changing draw distance based on head position relative to bow arm position would give a great feel.

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Sad to see this is still an issue, almost a full year later :frowning:

Might be cool to have different sized bows, would be weird for it to change from person to person.

Could make sense to have a moment where you first put the string on the bow, or during the very first draw of the string, where you set the draw length and then it can’t be changed again. So each bow is truly custom built to fit the shooter.
…Obviously within reasonable limits, so you can’t make one with a 1 inch draw to exploit skills…

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This is even more an issue if you use a InsideOut tracked headset like the Quest. The Hand is not tracked anymore behind the head and thus you can’t control shooting direction properly. The arrow length can stay as is, but the game needs an option for artificial draw support: When drawing the arrow, the game artificially draws the arrow further. Like a 2x factor. So a 40cm draw by the user is an actual 80cm draw on the bow.