Bow users and arrow pick up

picking up your arrows can be a pain after awhile and the arrow pick up skill has some flaws i think or is not as useful as you think.

having to make a bag of arrows to shake and throw to pick up other arrows dose not work very well when your arrows are in a quiver which mean u have to take the quiver out then grab all of the other arrows out of the quiver to shake and throw. risking losing more arrows in a rare bad throw or clipping that may happen.

my idea is maybe have the arrow pick up skill linked to the quiver itself and by just holding the quiver above your head for amount of time, the quiver could then glow and the arrows around you would be sucked into the quiver your holding and placed back onto your slot

for all the bow fans out there i would love to hear some feed back on this idea,
i’m old i cant be bending over 100 times in a row :slight_smile: