Bows and Archery

Bows are under powered and mechanics need to be fixed.

First 2 complaints are about the use of the bow. 1 you cannot aim the bows properly like you would a real bow, I know because I do archery and bow hunting. Secondly the draw distance is ridiculous, at full draw my hand shouldn’t be behind my head when my other arm is fully extended, at most the hand should be beside my eye or cheek bone. (I am small bean)

Bows to way too little damage compared to other weapons considering they are a skill based weapon that you have to aim. They should do equal if not more damage the further the shot that is made.

Lastly the archery tree takes way too long to level for a weapon that does so little damage.

Alta please listen to the archer
If you’re gonna make us draw that far back, at least give us longbows as a variant so we can warrant that insane charge.

I’d love a basic mount point or two around the arrow notch, crystals for a little light or a piece to help focus the aim

you know… you have to make the arrows right? the ones you find are rusty and pretty crap, making arrows with something like a mythril or Vallian head, that’ll do more damage.

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I’m pretty sure regardless what an arrow-HEAD is made out of, being stuck with a pointed tip on a shaft traveling 150mph+ should hurt a LOT worse than it currently does. Not saying like +500 damage, but maybe like a 10% bump, for balance.

The tip should really only permit better armor-piercing, it’s not like harder metal is going to magically rip organs to shreds cause it’s tough…

whilst I do agree with you that bows are a little underpowered it really depends on what type of bow you use as well, a bow you find in the wild isn’t the best but if you chisel one out of a better wood like ash or birch, for example what you could do, and this is what a lot of people do, get a birch bow and valian arrow for the most damage, birch bows are the fastest at loading and have about the same power as a recurve, and vallian is the metal that does the most damage. like all rusty tools, rusty arrows are crap, its kinda obvious to use a better, stronger. metal for the tip than using a rusty head. its just the games mechanics, unless the rumours are true and quest users don’t have the forest for different wood, if thats the case your kinda screwed (No offence)

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The draw distance is a real problem and is purely an accessibility issue that should again be addressed like many of the other accessibility features that have recently been included.

I do not know how difficult this would be to implement, but you could include a new archery workstation that would be thematically appropriate that allows users to adjust the draw distance of their bows before they achieve full strength.

Insert bow, turn a dial to tighten or loosen the bow. Grab bow, test it. Put it back in, Adjust. Dial in for your personal body size and physical ability.

Bows could be identified for their settings based on tick marks at the end of the bow or some such.

Fits the games themes and allows bows to be more accessible to people who are incapable of the current extreme draw length.

Edit: if such a workstation is eventually included. I think it should come pre-built as this is again a matter of accessibility so as not to limit the use of bows to people will full ranges of motion.

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Hi just bumping this thread back up because I am a new player interested in Archery, but after learning that melee weapons have an air strike ability that doesn’t cost materials and is just as effective as top tier arrows and bow, I’m feeling kind of discouraged.

I’m still going to be an archer for fun. But I definitely feel like bow and arrow damage and skills should be buffed considering we have to put way more effort in to do the same amount of damage as melee. (We have to craft multiple items and physically aim which takes more skill than wiggling a sword and aiming a large air slash in a direction.)