Bring back (or tweak) "multi-tool" parameters

I’ll keep this brief. I totally understand why the devs removed multi-tools, but since then, there’s been a number of things I’ve not been able to do since then. I can’t attach two hammers on one pole, I can’t attach a pickaxe and a sword together. Worst of all though, I wanted to try the shovels, since they were new. To my surprise, shovels can’t be attached to poles that also have axes.

If this isn’t changed for balancing reasons, that’s fine. There is clearly a grand number of combinations that are far too powerful to be allowed, but I do think that this severely limits the creative abilities of the players. Not to mention, with such limited inventory space, the inability to combine certain stuff together means that new features (like shovels) aren’t going to make it into my arsenal if it can’t be attached to something pre-existing.

I saw a few noobs who seemed so excited to try making very simple multi-tools (like shovel+pickaxe) and were sorely disappointed. That’s what made me wanna leave this. So yeah, bring back or tweak the crafting system, let more players get creative with crafting (within reason). Thanks for your time.

Whilst I do agree it takes away from people’s creativity, some combos back in the day were too powerful to stay in the game. Possibly it could be re-added at the cost of even more tool damage penalty, and strictly only take tools & small blades (up to say 6 ingot shortsword).

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I miss my long sword with built in torch.
I called it Apollo 11.
You used to be able to attach a dried grass ball on medium wooden handle then still able to put guard and blade on.
It was neat.