Bucket Bag Problems

Description: Bucket bags are fun, great bags to have. you let everyone know around you that you are a chef, and is most likely giving it away. But bucket bags are very, very buggy and really need to be fixed as soon as possible.
Bucket bags have bugs such as:

  1. Unable to pour anymore than 3 soup into the bag. (most likely caused by soup being unique as it is made from a different cauldron)
  2. Often spills very easily, as it is basically a cauldron on a string
  3. very difficult to scoop liquid out of, the scooping liquid is at the veeery bottom of the bag when low on liquid, and getting it out can be rather annoying.

Reproduction Steps: Attempt to make soup with the bucket bag, and try the list of bugs above.

Two ideas that can fix these 3 issues are:

  1. Reworking the liquid system.
    2.instead of it being open, add a funnel like the kegs, as long as a tap on the side for easy pouring in and out of.

There are two problems with this topic:

  • You already have 1 topic about food/stew/liquid physics, specifically scooping with containers. You could(and should) have included this with that topic, or vice versa whichever you prefer as the main. They are essentially the same idea.
  • as pointed out in your other topic, this has been submitted for review already.

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