Bug: User is kicked for timeout when using only teleportation (Ref: 14314)

Description: Friend of mine I was showing the game, gets motion sick when using smooth locomotion. He exclusively used the teleport to move around, but despite him moving and picking up items etc, he was kicked twice.

Reproduction Steps: Using only teleport movement. I assume not interacting with things such as crafting or combat may be needed.

Server: US2 but figure it would be all

Time: Anytime

Dicord Username: Balmung#3824

Let us look into that!!!

By kicked you mean kicked from the server?

Hey Tima, Correct. From what he told me he got a notification saying he will be logged out if he remains inactive. and despite teleporting around and moving his arms etc, he was kicked to the server selection screen.
Seems like the idle timer for kicking (if one exist) needs to be tweaked slightly.

thanks, we will check it out. Do you know how long it took for him to get kicked out?

If he or anyone can repro it, that would be helpful as well.