Buying past items at an increased price

The ability to buy items from past rotations at an increased price relative to how old the item is, every time a rotation passes the items price for buying after its gone will go up by %10.

As of writing this presets only just came out, so now people will be looking to make nice matching outfits, but might not have all the items they need, with this system we could make people happy by letting them buy recent items they might have missed out on at an increased price. recently a top hat and monocle came out, say someone got the hat but not the monocle, a couple rotations later they have the money and decide they were to make the set and they buy it at %120 percent its original price. this system will keep new rotations relevant by the increased price so people cant just buy whatever they want whenever they want. this wont just be a way to get og items because at this point they will be very expensive, but if they do want the item that bad, then let them have it, because its the moneys that keeps this game great

Perhaps the could be an extra %20 percent charge on top of the %10 per rotation just for buying a past item so people will keep using the current rotation.
Perhaps there could be an additional tab in the launcher for past items where people can search for what they want or just scroll through a list of the past rotations and view there items and purchase from there, regardless of if this whole system gets implemented or not i think this is a great standalone idea too.

Would kind of defeat the purpose of the rotation, right now people can kind of have rare cosmetics since you can’t always buy them, and it would also be kind of scummy to make people just pay an increased price.

Most likely the cycles will eventually get bigger once we get so many backlogged items that even having 3 thirds be old items per cycle will make it take forever to cycle through all the cosmetics again.