Bypass Pickup Checks via Third Party Software

Description: (I will try to keep this update with security bugs currently there may be a way to access fly cam still testing though)Currently it is possible to grab backpacks items in backpacks or anything around the game by using third party software to call the testleft/rightgrab functions I think that’s its name since the check if you are able to grab something is usually done client-side instead of server-side along with not checks of how far away something is. meaning you can yoink basically anything from anyone along with bypassing teleporters just by activating it client-side or taking items out of someone else’s atm. overall these checks should be done by the server, not the client also changing the owner id of a player friend token can cause you to add anyone forcefully

Reproduction Steps: Using third party modding software that I wouldn’t like to publically disclose devs dm me

Server: The Round Table

Time: 6:00pm cst

Dicord Username: MerelyMiserable#1636

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

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