Camera becomes non functional

i have found this on multiple occasions, after playing for a while the camera seems to just not want to work, when you go to take a photo the “flash” lil nubbin on the top goes off but it doesnt make a sound or flash the screen and it doesnt save a photo to storage

I have also experienced this, not only will it not work but when I look at myself my character wont have a head in the camera.

Does respawning the camera solve this?


nothing that i have found fixes it besides restarting the game

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this happened to me once on the climbing preview server, i took my camera out before spawning the exit orb, put it away and took it back out then left (might have been holding the camera or remote picture thingo when i left). when i logged back on (without exiting the game) the camera wouldn’t work. only exiting the game fixed it.

head was missing in friends camera (as Light_Ain mentioned)

Is this still an issue? I haven’t seen it before.

Im mostly sure this has been fixed by now as every single player would be complaining otherwise

this is not fixed needs to be look into again