Camera drone

Able to change your camera to a drone.

First how to get it, there is a chance that a power core (looks like a small blue stone with blue veins, like how the skill shrines look when active) spawn in chests (phantom guard rarity) or a drop from a mob in the future.
Then you take that power core to the townhall and there will be a machine on the second floor where you put in the power core and your camera and press a plate to fuse them and tada you can now change your camera to a drone (the power core improvement is visible).

How it works is that there is a extra button on the camera to change the lens into a drone so you see what the drone sees on the camera and when changed another button shows up that allowed the drone to follow you while it aim on you (like if your playing third person) perfect for streaming.
The view changer now switch from the drone to the small camera looking at you (selfie mode).

You can move the drone like from the blacksmith to the craft house before it start to get blurry and lose connection and teleport back to you, with the spyglass on the drone that distance is halved.

Controlling the drone works like you hold both handles on the camera to gain controle over the drone but you can’t move, release one or both handles to move your character but then the drone won’t move.

I think it sounds great as long as it stays as a thing to help streaming and not something for info gathering.

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It’s a drone with a limited range.
Maybe i should add that enemies will target the drone too if they spot it and when hit it teleports back to the player, so you can’t just fly it into a room full of enemies, but will be handy looking for hearth flowers or if your lost in the forest look where you are (if no enemies are near) or check out the pit’s if there is loot at the bottom and so.

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I can’t remember for sure, but I thought the camera can’t be seen by the player that it isn’t tied to, since it doesn’t seem to be really recognized by the game world, so it’d be a bit weird to have enemies see it and even if they could there would be very few that could take one out of the air (if it is out of arms reach) if it even has slow movement.

I would say just have the whole thing separate from the camera and just give the players more control over the camera for streaming angles, but then the whole drone thing doesn’t feel like it’d fit.

Could have scrying magic (viewing magic) though then it’d be limited in who could use it, but that isn’t necessarily be bad (as long as the streaming use is tied to the camera and not the magic).


I don’t think its necessary to require the drone upgrade to be obtained via loot. The camera is already kind of detached from the game itself seeing as how its activated with the hand menu. Other than that this is a fantastic idea that I would love to see in the game.