Can not combine same soup from different batch

Use simple pumpkin soup as example, 4 pumpkin chunks, no salt or garlic. Cook in cauldron, 3 charges, fill 1 gourd full, and another gourd with 1 charge. Then cook again with 4 pumpkins, you won’t be able to fill the half full gourd with the new soup in cauldron. It thinks it’s a different kind of soup. Same result if you try to fill the “soup backpack”. You can pour 1 cauldron worth of soup in the backpack, but if you cook the same soup again, the next pour will not go in the soup backpack at all, just all spills. The exception is teleportation potion liquid, you can fill and add correctly, like 9 charges in the backpack by filling with 3 cauldron worth of liquid.

Reproduction Steps:
See above.


Time now is 14:25 Eastern, April 18. Noticed this bug just before the wyse sound upgrade I blieve

Dicord Username:
Bixol[SC 1]

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.

Same here. Even pouring the soup into Gourds won’t work. Not sure when this started just can confirm this is happening.

I think this is a known bug, others have talked about it

This is the first I’ve heard of this. Players don’t usually report bugs, save for a small few. If you find any more bugs, please report them in this form! :slight_smile:

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I thought that’s what we are doing lol GG Matax! :rofl:

I had this exact same problem occur today.

I heard a couple people mention it on the discord some months ago… I guess it just sorta got forgotten.