Cannot run server commands

Description: I’m trying to run server commands but seem to be unable to despite being in the server and owning it. It just says Command Runner Not Connected and says it failed to connect to the server. This is from the dashboard.

Reproduction Steps: Unknown

Server: Gwenyth (personal server)

Time: 6:08 PM MDT

Dicord Username: PsychoMantis#8040

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post. N/A

On the dashboard ( I too keep getting connection failed. I’m using a quest 2 and logged in and it shows me in the player list but I can’t use any commands because it keeps failing connection.

FIX: Change the URL to HTTP instead of HTTPS and the connection will work!

In all fairness switching to a less secure connection should not provide a fix for a big flaw.
I’d rather do any secure login via a https connection.

Dev’s please resolve this, as a insecure connection leaves data vulnerable!

To clarify the situation (I presume you use chrome).

The website is downloaded via http or https (depending on the protocol you type in).
Regardless of this, your login, and communication with our API’s is via https.

When you then connect to a server via websocket it is ws (not wss). No personal/confidential information is sent over this connection. Unfortunately it’s more than a “quick switch” to swap this over to be an encrypted wss connection.

Chrome by default will fail any ws connection on a https website. Unfortunately, the ironic “easy” fix, is to access the website in an even less secure fashion (http).

A more secure user-side solution for now is to click the “lock” symbol next to the URL, go to “Site Settings”, and change “Insecure Content” to “Allow”. That way, the site is still loaded via https, your api communication is still https, and it’s simply the websocket that is not encrypted.

On many other browsers (firefox, etc.), I believe they do not place this limitation on websockets, so you should be able to use the dashboard via https without changing any settings.