Can't teleport up steep inclines or steps after March 16/17 2022 update

Description: Teleporting doesn’t seem to be working correctly any more. It is impossible to navigate the map normally with just teleport. There are places you must walk in order to navigate. Teleporting up steep slopes or stairs on Quest is just not possible any more. This is extremely frustrating since all I want to do is move around the map and I am used to primarily teleporting to minimize motion sickness. An example the ones leading down into the mines or up to the blacksmith. You can only get up them with smooth locomotion.

Reproduction Steps: See Video. If you try and teleport in these areas on the Quest it will most likely manifest.

Server: TacoTown

Time: 12:41 PM

Dicord Username: MortuTheBlack

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post. I have posted videos in discord, but it is not letting me upload attachments here. Discord

I am having the same problem, unable to reach areas that I could previously reach. This is really impacting the game play and I wish you could change it back.