Card Game for Township

So just something in-game to pass time, hang out with friends and play, or just a minigame. I know this is a lot to ask at the current state of the game so I don’t expect it now but hoping for it way later down the line.

Core concept
I’ve only seen one person talk about a card game but even then it was just blackjack, I’m wanting something like CardWars from Adventure time, Magic: The Gathering, and Gwent. I know you couldn’t just copy them and throw them in the game due to copyright reasons so a new type would have to be created for this.

Personal twist (optional)
It could be used to settle duels if someone in the party knows they can’t win with their gear but are good at the game instead.

I like this idea very much, more recreational activities are a massive win in my book.


I like the idea of it having similarities to CardWars in visuals, but even if it wasn’t copyrighted CardWars is too silly with corn type monsters.

What might be cool is having the cards be mini spells, stuff that doesn’t scale to anything useful, but has an impact on this mini battlefield, also the cards wouldn’t have the magic to cast the spells on them so a game board that has a magic core in it is needed.

An example of some cards: summoning a little golem (or turabata), mini magic shield which is very weak in comparison to a real one and can’t cover something with too much of a surface area, little healing spell.

What would be even funnier is high level mages using the normal sized counterparts to these spells/cards to play a large scale version of the game.


I remember someone finding chess in the game filess,I wonder if it’s still there.


Yeah people kept spawning it in on their servers and they finished the textures on it so it would be easier to play. We all are still playing it too!

you can arleady make up some games with the dice

im thinking of a game just in case im going to get bored

would love some poker

card jitsu lets gooo

Maybe let us carve giant chess pieces in the carpentry building?

If we had a giant chessboard, we could also use coins for checkers.

We already have dice, so we could probably already invent some games.

ok then i want pokemon cards

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Then we could trade cards in the game, love the concept :laughing:

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Yes. I too would like to gamble for valyan.

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