Carpentry table not remembering what wood was put on it when the wood is taken off(turns into oak)

When trying to take off ash(not sure if it happends with other logs) from the carpentry table it turns into oak wood instead of ash.

Reproduction Steps:
1.Put ash logs in the carpentry bench.
2.Cancel the recipe by sliding the wood off.
Result: you get oak logs.
Expected result: you get the log type that you put on the table
Towns n Tales
either 17.04.21 23:00 to around 00:30 or 18.04.12 same time frame (europe date system)
Dicord Username:
Adrian F/NukeShot(skalniak2014)#5489

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.
Can’t because “New users can’t upload attachments”.

Bug report sent.

Can’t reproduce, do you have any more info?

Tried with ash with both 6 and 18 wedge recipes and after chiseling off all the bark, all correctly returned ash wood. If anyone can consistently get this bug to occur, that’d be really helpful to get reproduction steps!

Will check it out again today, it might have just been a one time bug