Cartography and Books

I think player made maps would be cool. And maybe adding a new crafting system for paper to create books and maps, they can be pocketed. And the books can maybe be smaller and more like journals. And the maps could be able to be upgraded. Maybe a new profession?

Books have been desired for quite some time now (Painting, Books, Printing, Stamping, and Engraving) and I’d say there is a good chance we will get them.

What would be really cool for maps is if you could fold, roll and crumple them up and it would leave marks. Rolling them wouldn’t leave any marks but needs a tube for the map that takes up a larger slot that most maps, for those fancy people that want to keep it nice, while folding would leave some marks but you only need to fold it once and then it folds and unfolds as you take it out of a slot and back, and crumpling only happens when you are really careless (putting an unfolded map into a slot for example) and really marks the map up badly. It would also be cool to tuck small folded maps into books.