Cave-ins, harder caves

Harder Caves
Here are some ideas to make caves harder.

Self explanitory. The ground could shake, and you have some time to go up and get to safety. If you hit by a cave in, you die. Only happens on a couple floors at a time, not the whole mine. Also, cave-ins happen more often and are bigger the lower down you are.

When mining rocks, you can rarely uncover lava, which pours out, deals damage, gets rid of items on the floor. Maybe, kills you unless you have some sort of heat-resistant armor, when armor crafting is done? also, if you have a heat-resistant bucket, or consistantly cool a bucket with water, you could take lava up to the town, and use it for somthing. (Smelting high-tier metals, pouring on people, fuel)

Natural traps, kinda like in terraria, randomly spawned in. There could be spike traps on the floor, arrow traps, lava traps, things like that. If you see it, you might be able to harvest materials from it? (like harvest poison arrows from an arrow trap)

First two just sound like a pain, since one of the things players don’t like doing is moving down or up floors, and people far down would have to deal with it a lot.

As for the lava, it would be hard to do since ores just spawn places and the game wouldn’t know what would be the right place to put the lava, and it also would just be unfair to shoot insta kill at players just mining.

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Hmm… I guess cave-ins could only happen on a certain part of the level at a time or something?
And for lava, it wouldn’t be to hard to randomly get lava spouts under rocks. They could even just add lava pools, just anything to get caves more interesting. :neutral_face:

I think that when the earth shakes it should open rifts on the floor

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Cracks in the ground we just have to teleport over? It be cool to also have a even rarer version where monsters come out.

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