Chaiamido Creature

A small, fox-like creature (please post concept images to be added!) that will run away when the player approaches it, unless they have a raw spriggul drumstick in their hand, in which case the Chaiamido will approach slowly until within one-foot distance. When fed, the Chaiamido will play a twirl animation and begin leading the player to a spot on the ground, where it will dig up a box filled with cooking supplies, and a guaranteed telebottle, giving an escape from the forest. IF the player (so rudely) kills this cute creature, it will drop leather, and the box will become halfway emerged on the surface, unable to be obtained, taunting the player for killing the Chaiamido.

An animal to supply cooking ingredients and an escape chance.

Core concept
Feed the Chaiamido, and it will reward you with cooking supplies. If killed, the player is taunted with loot as punishment, and that Chaiamido drops leather.