Changes to a couple of controls

Hello! I am a user of the original HTC Vive. I’ve changed my controls to something that I feel is much more comfortable for me to play with, and I got it almost perfectly the way I want it. The only things that I couldn’t get right were the gestures and movement lock. There is a control called “Gestures and Item handling movement lock”, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t actually lock your movement; “Grab Items” does. It seems all the “movement lock” does is enable gesture animations, but if you’re not also using “Grab Items”, you just slide across the room or spin around uncontrollably and the gesture animation fails.

What I’d like to suggest is making the movement lock binding actually lock the movement, instead of having to potentially accidentally grab items when I try to do gestures. And I understand that the movement lock for item handling needs to go together with grabbing items. Maybe for this what I’d suggest is make the movement lock and gesture enable separate bindings.

Another thing I could suggest is make gesture handling more like what VRChat does, where you touch to do gestures and press to move around. Having barely any buttons on these controllers already makes it hard to utilize control bindings. With the trackpads being the primary control method, I feel like they’re being underutilized in this game in terms of how many control bindings I could be using. Right now, walking and running use both the touch AND the click on my left trackpad, when I could have the click set to just running, and the touch set to something else, or vice versa.

Thank you, and I hope these aren’t unreasonable requests. These are just things that I think would make the game’s controls a lot better for my controllers. Just some quality of life changes for the player. Below is a screenshot of my controller configuration in SteamVR.