Chop Times and Bending Down

Was playing tutorial and found that chopping wood or mining takes an excessively long time to where your arms will get tired and you need a break after just the tutorial. Also, bending down to pick everything up is quite a hassle. Difficult for people who’s tracking doesn’t reach the floor well, or if you have back issues, just gets tiring as well.

Make sure to chop all around the trunk and use two hand while woodcutting, also once in game you can get better axes which makes it much easier to chop wood, the axes in the tutorial are the least powerful. On the subject of bending down, the devs may be adding a forced crouch button for people who have back issues or don’t want to bend down so much. Trust me, once you get tools even a little bit better than the bottom of the barrel and use two hands, it all gets better.

Seeing as you are new, this game has a pretty steep learning curve, but it helps to just ask someone if you don’t know something, there will always be someone happy to help.


@Zebulaun covered the first part well.

As for bending down, they are most likely going to add an accessibility crouch button for people that can’t crouch or reach the floor.


I see, wish it was a little quicker just for tutorial’s sake but understandable. Thank you for the response <3

Thats a relief, thank you for responding. <3

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Were you using a flint axe or a rusted one? because the rusted ones, that were in the tutorial last I checked, better than the flint ones by a good margin.

I had tried both and everyone around me was using flint still and someone tried telling me flint was better so I just continued with flint after that.

I know the two handed rusted one can cut a tree in a reasonable amount of swings, and I’m pretty sure the flint is slower since it seemed to take so much longer with it when I first played.

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