Client Side Features

So one issue I have with this game on servers is that everything has been done for you, I can join a popular server and go straight to the climbing tower no questions asked. I don’t have to build the right bridges, get tnt or anything and I think that eliminates some of the purpose of the game. The developers clearly put in the building of bridges and machinery as goals to achieve and they get harder as you go on which is a great feature and provides goals making the game easier to enjoy. If they made it so that these goals were client side and if one person had completed a bridge the others couldn’t see it or use, or atleast make that an option when creating a server that would be amazing! If this was even acknowledged I would become a supporter because I love small developers especially when they get involved with community, either way amazing game and looking forward to future updates!

I like the idea of keeping challenges even on well populated servers.
But I doubt that keeping things like bridges client side will go in the right way. How will you experience traveling with other players when you approach a bridge, that is still damaged for you but repaired for others? Will they just fly over the river from your point on view? How will they experience that you just stopped following them when they see that the bridge is repaired?

What solution would you prefer to make those differences clear without breaking the immersion?

Btw there are servers that reset all those bridges every 2 weeks.