Climbing Bugs/Feedback

A list of bugs and feedback that both I and others have experienced when climbing:

  • Climbing up barely sloped terrain (i.e. the majority of the world) will often result in you being teleported back to the bottom from where you started.

  • Chain grab points are rather buggy, and have resulted in me failing at the very end of 5 too many damn times…

  • The ability to toggle on and off climbing functionality. This could also be coupled with a way of your hotbar and backpack being locked when climbing.

  • “Phase” 4 is an unreasonable difficulty jump compared to 3, so an extra checkpoint would make a lot of sense in the middle (perhaps at the drawbridge).

  • Stamina regen doing the hand shaking would be a lot more useful if it regened more quickly. I imagine the purpose of this system was that you could shake to regain stamina whilst climbing, but instead I only find myself doing it when I have found a point where I can stop climbing.

  • This.

If anyone else has encountered issues, replies would be appreciated so climbing can be fixed up.

Also trying to take newly smelted ingots from that 2-dock hopper on the smelter is now preceded by 2-4 unintentional grabs of the side of the smelter. and trying to take heated things from the forge fire usually means im going to grab the masonry and pull my face into the fire a few times first. Pretty much any attempt to take an item from a dock or surface has a good chance of instead latching onto a nearby surface.

it feels like the morning after being bitten by a radioactive spider before i know how to use my powers

I have tremendous problems with how the game tries to move the player around.

  1. Launching on the first level commonly killed all momentum to put the player on the ledge at all cost.

  2. If your head is touching anything you cannot move, seriously hindering overhang portions

  3. “Monkeybarring” does not move the player at the pace your arms do so frantic spasmatic arm motions are encouraged instead of careful hand placement to move quickly. This also occurs climbing wall portions to some degree as well.

  4. This is the most painful. moving left or right does not occur at an acceptable speed to the point moving IN REAL LIFE is faster and more accurate despite how hanging on a wall shouldnt be affected by 3d playspace movement

  5. There needs to be a way to stop mid climb to return to town WITH saved progress or players who go to the tower and cannot beat it will leave the game forever

  6. Failure to grip happens at an unforgivable, unpredictable frequency. Progress lost due to a complete failure of the game to grab something is infuriating, not fun

Either the tower has to be changed or the mechanics. It should not take any player more than 3 hours to complete the tower

Why should the Tower take people under 3 hours? Bit of an arbitrary number? I don’t mind it taking players a long time because it’s purely down to skill. You can quickly go from many hours to just a few minutes by mastering the mechanics, and making the tower easier to accommodate those who don’t get it as fast sounds pretty boring.


My only problem with the climbing is outside the tower. Whenever I am climbing it seems that at the end of every structure or slope that I scale I have to tediously reposition myself to ensure I do not get reset back to where I started climbing and sometimes that still is not enough. It is pretty annoying and takes away my want to try to climb things not in the tower.

Difficulty of the course is fine if steady progression is possible but its not due to having a checkpoint system with limited checkpoints. There is two ways to remedy this problem.

One is to have a very long, but easier and significantly less punishing route with soft checkpoints while still allowing advanced players to make use of the harder routes for faster times. This option would be very difficult to actually implement however.

The other way would encourage working together with other players with a tether like actual climbing where one player could anchor themselves to prevent progress loss naturally by saving their team mate in the event of a fall. I think this option is the best option since it’s more in the spirit of TT with player cooperation. This way would allow new players to work with new players and actually enjoy the tower, discovering a route to the top on their own apposed to looking up a guide of cheap shortcuts to skip annoying, repetitive sections like lv3 and 4.
General mechanics would include things like rope length, swinging, retraction of fallen team mates, massive stamina drain under fallen team mate weight. Complete retraction should not be possible to prevent advanced players from literally carrying new players.

Understand my main gripe with the tower is repetition. The course can be as or more difficult as it is now so long as I don’t have to repeat an entire section to just try a new obstacle, only to fail and repeat everything again and again to reach the next obstacle. As it stands I did not enjoy climbing the tower and I think a sizeable percentage of players would agree it is a painful chore.